3D Commission for Vtuber
Status: Closed


1. ModelingI use Blender

2. TexturingI use Substance Painter

3. RiggingFull body rigging, hair/cloth jiggle

4. Facial Expression• Eye blink
• AIUEO mouth shape
• Fun, Sad, Angry
• ...

5. Unity Setup• VRchat
• Vtuber
Setup eye/mouth tracking,blendshape, dynamic bone/spring bone, collider...



FeatureBasic service (starting 150$)Standard service (starting 220$)
ModelingMaybe reduce some detailsFully
TexturingSimpleI'll try to match as original
RiggingFewer bones (outfit/hair)More bones (outfit/hair)
ExpressionEye blink, Mouth close/open, Fun, SadEye blink, AIUEO mouth, Fun, Sad, Angry, +1 emote chosen by you
Unity SetupDynamic/Spring bone, Eye, Mouth trackingDynamic/Spring bone, Collider, Eye, Mouth tracking

• Starting price is 150$ (USD) for Vtubing format additional fee depending on the detail, Prices may change slightly during the process
• If you want both Vtuber and VRchat avatar for 1 model, +50$ extra fee
• Base body (for easy changing outfit later): 80$
• Extra expression: 15$/each
• Extra outfit: starting 100$/each
• Extra hairstyle: starting 80$/each
• I can do: Female, Loli, Trap
• I can't do: Furries, Mecha, muscular/masculine, NSFW, elders

You can receive

• File .blend, file .fbx
• All texturing files
• All Unity asset files (for Vtuber or VRchat)
• File .vrm for Vtubing (can use with VSeeFace, Luppet,... for 3D streaming)

Upcoming feature

• Setup for ARkit
• Commission for VRchat
• Male model


• If you behave in an impolite, the commission will be canceled.
• Always credit @Amai_9999 if you take it anywhere
• Please send me reference sheet/character design (include eyes, outfit texture), only portal picture is ok but have extra fee (15-50$)
• I can't accept if you only have illust pic
• I can be denied if I feel like I cannot do the model
• You do not have the right to cancel and claim a refund commission, please consider before using my service. (no refund)
• I only accept payment through Paypal (USD) or Momo (VND), 50% payment is required before I start your commission and full payment after I finish it.
• The currency I accepted is VND and USD
• Price does not include a fee from PayPal
• Completion time may not be fixed (it may take more than 3~4 weeks), rush orders will cost extra fees.
• When I start you cannot change to a different character
• Private commissions always with an extra fee
• You can have 1 time to fix your model after each step, more have an extra fee.
• Please be sure you download, check the model, report issues (if any) within 7 days for the best support, after that I will not guarantee
• Personal use only (Vtuber, MMD, VRchat)
• After complete and sent the commission, you have the right to modify the model (add props, add emotions, clothes,...)
• Redistribution of my artwork is PROHIBITED